Ahhh I just love engagement sessions. The anticipation, the ring, the LOVE, and these two were a pleasure to capture. Their love story is a cute one so naturally I had to share! Maddy went to Trent university and Carlo went to Masters College. Carlo and Maddy met during Maddy's first year of school and Carlo's second, they never talked much as the only thing they had in common was living on the same residence. During Maddy's second year of school she was sitting in a common area and Carlo came and sat with her because I guess she had smiled and he just NEEDED to talk to her (cuteeeee). They kept on talking, going out for coffee and getting to know each other. THEN on his Birthday in 2014 he asked her to be his girlfriend because he says Maddy couldn’t be mean and say no on his birthday (lol smooooooth), and the rest is as they say... History. But I couldn't just leave it there... I wanted to know some fun stuff about these two.. so here we go with some fun facts. Fun fact #1 Carlo has a collection of pictures of Maddy at almost every restaurant they have eaten at together. Fun fact #2 Maddy has a collection of pictures of Carlo falling asleep in cars (long distance relationship probs) and fun fact #3 They watch the Harry Potter series at least twice a year together (romance at its finest).

Well kudos to you if you're still reading, now here are some photos! :)