One would think that having a wedding in September would be cool, refreshing even.. Boy were we all wrong, it was almost 40 degrees with humidity and I think a little bit of ourselves melted this day [lol]. Despite the heat and lack of breeze it was still the BEST day!

Destiny & Jordan met online and the rest.. was history. The ceremony was beautiful and you'll see down below that the bride and groom surprised their Dad's with a small task during the ceremony. They surrounded themselves with the funniest of wedding parties and we made the best of a really hot situation. We headed towards Stoney Creek where went on a little hike. Afterwards we headed back to Paris, ON for a Bonfire and Fireworks where the couple had the most relaxed reception I have ever been to with not one, but two of my favourite things.. trail mix and a mashed potato bar.. HELLO! 

Congratulations Jordan & Destiny, here are a few favs!