Atlanta & Blaise met just over 3 years ago. She was at her friends (his sister) Catherine's house, and Blaise stole the taco dip that Atlanta had made… & the rest was history!

Some cute facts about the Wedding day was Blaise wrote a very heart wrenching letter to Atlanta (which you’ll see below), and got it delivered with a bouquet of red roses the morning of their Wedding. Atlanta had to stop reading it about four or five times because it was making her so emotional (can’t ruin that wedding make-up you guys). 

Blaise was so nervous for two weeks before their wedding, and rumour has it him and his groomsmen had to take a dip in the pool to cool off because their white dress shirts were already turning see-threw from their sweat (it felt like 35+ degrees out there ya’ll).

Blaise & Atlanta both share a strong love for tacos, so in picking a venue we had to make sure we could have a late night taco bar. As they ate their tacos that night they reminisced about the day they met, when he stole Atlanta’s taco dip...

Last fun fact: Atlanta decorated her own wedding cake and cupcakes the morning of the Wedding! Seriously the most calm, cool, and collected bride I have met thus far.

Here are some favs from the day!